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7-30-14 011San Marcos’ and Hays County’s CHL training for as little as $55.00 offers these questions and answers directly from the Texas Department of Public Safety CHL Department (non-discounted fee is $69.00):

1. What do I need to do to get an LTC/ CHL?

It’s easy, but DPS has 3 requirements.  (1) You must apply with them.  (2) you must pass the background check and get fingerprinted.  (3) You must mail in your LTC/CHL class certificate in US Postal mail.  There is no particular order for these 3 requirements but you must meet all 3 in order for DPS to begin processing your LTC.  The application process in online.  While you are applying DPS will give you a list of places to go to get fingerprinted and have your background check done.  Both take place at the same place and you’ll be in and out in about 15 minutes.  If you are not computer literate you can fill out the form and mail it in US Postal mail.  We will issue you your CHL class certificate on completion of our class.  Then you just mail it in to DPS or submit it online.

2. What are the requirements for obtaining a Texas License to Carry  Handgun (LTC)?

Texas Government Code Chapter 411, Subchapter H sets out the eligibility criteria that must be met. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age (unless active duty military) and must meet Federal qualifications to purchase a handgun. A number of factors may make individuals ineligible to obtain a license, such as: felony convictions, some misdemeanor convictions, including charges that resulted in probation or deferred adjudication; certain pending criminal charges; chemical or alcohol dependency; certain types of psychological diagnoses, and protective or restraining orders. The state eligibility requirements can be found in GC §411.172. The federal firearms disqualifiers can be found in 18 USC 44 §922.

You must also submit a completed application, pay the required fees, complete all required training and submit required supplemental forms and materials.

3. How do I apply for a Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC)?

The best way to apply is online at http://www.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/chl/ OR you may download the application forms, complete and mail them with the required fees.  Printable application forms are available on our website at in the Downloadable Forms section.

4. How long does it take to get a Texas CHL license?

Once you take the CHL certification class at South Texas CHL and Handgun Training and submit your application to the Texas Department of Public Safety, they will make every effort to issue your license within 60 days of receiving the completed application packet.  If the application is incomplete or additional information is required to complete the background check, you will be notified in writing.

5. How much does it cost to get my CHL?

Our fee is separate from the DPS fee.  Our fee is for the training.  The DPS fee is the licensing fee.  In our training course South Texas CHL and Handgun Training provides a complete list of the fee schedule with the various discounts such as senior and military.  The standard fee for an original CHL is $140.  The standard fee for a renewal of a CHL is $70.  However, since Texas law provides for some discounts if you meet certain special conditions you can refer to the fee schedule.  For applications submitted electronically, the fees may be paid using a credit or debit card.  For applications mailed to the Department, acceptable forms of payment are money order, cashier’s check or personal check.
NOTE:  DPS Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  (If an application is not approved, the fees will not be refunded, unless DPS has made an error.)

6. How much does fingerprinting and the background check cost?

The fingerprint processing fee is $9.95, payable to MorphoTrust USA (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions) by one of the following methods:

Online with a credit card or at the MorphoTrust USA (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions) location, payment must be made by check or money order.

DPS will run your background check when they receive your application.

7. How long is a CHL valid?

Initial licenses are valid for four years.  Renewal licenses are valid for five years. The license will remain valid as long as you continue to meet all the eligibility criteria.

8. If I qualify with a revolver can I carry a semi-automatic?

Yes, you can qualify with a revolver and carry a semi and vice/versa.

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