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If you have a loaded gun anywhere in your house you need SAFETY BULLET, the best available gun safety device on the market.  Granted, you probably keep your gun locked in a safe but how fast can you get it when an intruder enters your house?


If there could be children in your house, it’s worrisome, but with Safety Bullet worry no more.  Safety Bullet is not really a bullet at all, but in actuality it’s the absolute best and most effective child proof gun safety device in the world!  There’s nothing to compare.  When the Safety Bullet has been chambered and the trigger is pulled, the gun is locked and cannot be fired UNTIL YOU’RE READY TO RESET IT!  …but if the trigger is not pulled and something goes bump in the night, with a quick rack of your slide (charge) of your gun, the Safety Bullet is ejected and the first of your real bullets from your magazine is loaded into the chamber and ready to fire!


It’s fast.  It takes about 1 second.  Compare that to fumbling with a key or code for a trigger lock or cable lock.  …and if the Safety Bullet has gone off, it can then be quickly ejected by using the reset ejection rod that comes in you packet with your Safety Bullets.  The gun then is again ready to fire, no problem!

What you need to do.  Ideally, you need 2 safety bullets for fail safe protection.  You load one into the chamber and one into the top of you magazine.  If the trigger is pulled the Safety Bullet in you chamber locks the gun and it cannot be fired, but if an experienced gunner like a perp (bad guy) gets the gun and ejects the safety bullet, there’s another one loaded to lock up the gun when the perp tries to fire  Typically the first thing an experienced gunman (or perp) does is rack the gun, right?  When he does, he ejects the Safety Bullet that is chambered and chambers the one at the top of your magazine.  When he then pulls the trigger, poof!  The gun is locked up!  Unless he hits you with the gun, you and your family are safe, it’s otherwise not capable of firing!
South Texas CHL and Handgun Training is proud to be offering the Safety Bullet.  Many lives have already been saved by it.  Check out the product reviews on YouTube.  Click the following links:      Gun Tech Magazine Safety Bullet Review            Safety Bullet Animation         Safety Bullet’s CEO       The Company – Safety Bullet LLC.
The Safety Bullet is currently available in 9mm, .38, .357, .40, and .45 ACP.  All other calibers are in the plans.  Phone us at 512-479-0490 for more information or to place an order or email Roger at  The price is right!  A good trigger lock is about $15 to $20.00.  The Safety Bullet packet is $24.95 and contains everything you need, two Safety Bullets and the reset ram rod.  Yes, the price is a little higher but it’s the best child proof gun safety mechanism on the market, hands down!  How much are your children’s lives worth?
If the Safety Bullet has gone off, send it back with $2.00 and we’ll reset it for you.  It’s then good to go again!  …and don’t be fooled by the prices of the Safety Bullet on eBay or Amazon.  Those are the old 1st generation Safety Bullets that weren’t sold; some of which may be 9 years old.  Get a brand new set with all improvements and guarantee your child’s safety!


Safety Bullet LLC guarantees that the Safety Bullet when loaded properly and fired will instantly disable each gun that it is configured for. When placed properly and fired it will render that firearm inoperable until it is removed.

This a Safety Device and can not harm anyone in any way. It also does not harm your firearm in any way. When used as per our guidelines it will instantly disable any gun that it is designed for. If the Safety Bullet is not placed in the correct position it can not do what it was designed for.

This Safety Device is made for each calilber of firearm and will work in those specific firearms only. The 45 caliber Safety Bullet will only work in the 45 caliber pistol and the 38 Safety Bullet will only work in the 38 caliber pistol, etc.

We are in no way recommending that you keep your gun loaded. What we do recommend is to lock up your gun unloaded of all lethal rounds. Keep one Safety Bullet in the firing chamber and one in the top of the clip.

The Safety bullet is unconditionally guaranteed to perform as stated.